In COUPLES COUNSELING, Dr. Cole listens to each member of the couple discuss their problem areas and observes how they interact with each other. Problematic behaviours, patterns and interaction styles can be identified and addressed. Also, issues related to trust and intimacy can be explored in order to help rebuild and strengthen their relationships by improving their emotional connection – which is, after all, why they first became a couple. In a time when separation and divorce are so frequently seen as the only option, Dr. Cole’s goal is to help prevent the potential damage, disruption, and expense of that option.

To help restore relationships, Dr. Cole uses the Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) approach in his couples work. This approach developed by Canadian, Dr. Sue Johnson, has been shown by extensive research all over the world over several decades to be the most effective form of couples therapy ever. 75% of all couples completing EFT report significant improvements in their relationships.